I’m so glad that you joined our mission to transform lives and make a real difference.

We are agents for change, and we chose you to join our Great team because we know that you possess the necessary clinical skills, personality, energy and passion to help others meet their maximum potential.

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What Successful Therapists Do:
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Great Speech Policies & Procedures

What Successful Therapists Do

We can’t fulfill our mission alone. In this section, we’ll provide a bulleted description of what our successful therapists do to provide outstanding service.

It’s important to note that above all, we value proactive therapists who solve problems before they exist. Striking a productive balance between resourceful, independent problem-solving and active communication with our team will ensure the smoothest experience for you, and the greatest success for your clients.

Here’s how to succeed with Great Speech:

Manage your schedule effectively:

  • All client sessions are scheduled two weeks in advance in the portal. This means that by the first of the month, all sessions are scheduled until the 14th. On the 15th, all sessions are scheduled until the 30th. 
  • In general, you’ll meet with your clients twice per week. As progress is made, the frequency can be reduced based upon your clinical judgement. Be sure to update your SOAP notes so the current frequency is up to date.
  • Inform us of vacations or breaks that either you or your client are taking.  Just send an email hello@greatspeech.com as soon as you’re made aware. Additionally, let your clients know of any upcoming schedule changes that you may have, and plan around these changes so they can still achieve their goals.

Communicate openly with our team and clients:

  • Reach out for support when you need it. We want you to feel fulfilled with your important role here at Great Speech. If you have any questions or concerns, please email info@greatspeech.com to let us know. We want to help you thrive!
  • Communicate with clients and caregivers so they know how they’re progressing, what goals they’ll tackle next, and how to succeed in between sessions.

Set your clients up to succeed:

  • Assign homework to your clients in the portal when it’s helpful. This will reinforce what they’ve practiced during their sessions, so they can progress further, faster. This is a great way to save time for both you and your clients!
  • Ensure that your clients’ goals and progress are up to date, and that your clients and caregivers are aware of the progress. Designate the last few minutes of your sessions to update the client or caregiver.
  • Promptly update SOAP notes following sessions, so that each client’s progress can be tracked, monitored, and measured.

Adhere to HIPAA guidelines:

  • Utilize the portal to communicate with your clients, so all of their information remains in one central, private location. Our portal is HIPAA secure.
  • When sending emails outside of the portal to our administrative team, please ensure that you don’t use any identifying information for your clients. Use initials as often as possible. This includes forwarding messages from your clients to other members of our team.

Bring your best energy to your sessions:

  • Be professional: prepare for your sessions ahead of time and plan your activities around the client’s specific needs.
  • Check in with your clients frequently to ensure that the goals you are targeting are still relevant.
  • Let your personality shine through, and show how much you care. Be thoughtful and let clients feel your warmth.
  • Be creative and flexible! Change things up, keep things interesting; adapt your approach to benefit your client’s learning style and level of maturity.
  • Your energy is powerful; it can motivate and energize your client. At the same time, we don’t want to overwhelm more quiet or laid-back clients. Adjust your energy to match your client’s learning style and personality.
  • Know that someone from our team might check in during a session. This is not a reflection of your performance. It’s just our way of being present, both for you and your client.

The most straightforward way to succeed with Great Speech is to implement the simple, yet meaningful steps listed above. For more specific details, download our Policies & Procedures Manual