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Great Speech Virtual Therapy Services Support Cigna Commercial and Medicare Advantage Members

Members of Cigna’s Medicare Advantage and Commercial coverage plans now have in-network coverage for Great Speech’s virtual speech therapy services. Through Great Speech’s national network of specialized therapists with over 200+ licenses, members are connected with a therapist that works best for their individual needs regardless of their location. This plan allows Great Speech to […]

What Causes A Stutter To Develop?

Everyone experiences disruptions in their speech from time to time, and no one speaks perfectly all the time. For individuals who stutter, disruptions and disfluencies in their speech tend to be more severe and consistent. For many, stuttering is grown out of, but for others, a stutter can persist into adulthood.  Scientists believe that the […]

Mid-Year Academic Assessment: Could your Student Benefit from Speech and Language Therapy?

Parents can feel like they are on a perpetual hunt for better ways to support academic achievement for their children, especially when a mid-year academic assessment shows that their child is struggling or not performing up to expectations. Communication skills play a significant role in how well a student performs throughout their entire school journey, […]

Speech Therapy May Help Reduce Emotional Responses to Communication Struggles During the Holidays

Effective communication skills help sustain a personal sense of well-being, but as we age, physical and psychological changes can impact those abilities. This leads to situations where adults want to engage but are unable to due to diminishing communicative abilities. According to a recent study, older adults in particular can start to feel isolated, depressed, […]

What is Lisping?

Lisping is a common speech impediment that often appears in young children. A lisp makes producing certain letter sounds correctly difficult, due to improper tongue positioning when speaking. A lisp is often related to an orofacial myofunctional disorder. An orofacial myofunctional disorder is defined as improper patterns and behaviors in the function of muscles and […]