Early Detection And Intervention Can Positively Impact Your Child

Online Speech Therapy For Kids & Teens

Online speech therapy for kids and teenagers is a convenient and effective treatment solution for common language disorders in children, teens, and young adults. Speech and language therapy provides professional treatment and support for young children, teens and adults who have difficulties with communication. Regular therapeutic intervention can improve communication as well as positively impact both social and academic behaviors. Due to the online modality of our services, we typically help children as young as 5.5 years old.

When Can Kids & Teens Benefit From Online Speech Therapy?

  • Difficulty producing  certain sounds (e.g., says “tat” for “cat” or” wain” for “rain”)
  • Trouble understanding what is said or difficulty expressing wants or needs
  • Trouble socializing with peers
  •  Stuttering or lisping
  • Difficulty being understood by others

How Can Great Speech Help?

Great Speech Therapists specialize in re-mediating speech disorders using innovative, fun, and interactive therapeutic activities via telepractice, an online speech therapy platform with a proven track of success.  Some clients work with one therapist; others require the services of a number of trained staff members. This team approach allows us to match talents and skills from different therapists with your child’s individual learning interests and diagnosis, a key to accelerated remediation.

All Great Speech therapists are certified by the American Speech-Language Hearing Association and are specially trained in online speech therapy for kids and teens. Additionally, we have created our own rigorous training for our speech therapists and regularly monitor sessions for proper technique and procedures.

TeleSpeech is not weather-dependent and scheduling issues can be accommodated as appointments are based on your convenience. Relocation is not an issue since the process can be continued as long as there is internet service. In addition, the digital nature of online speech therapy adds an innovative component which is particularly appealing to children and teens, who are naturally digitally-savvy.

Schedule an introductory call to discuss how a licensed speech and language pathologist can help you achieve your goals.

As a working mom, I felt overwhelmed when my six-year old son was diagnosed with stuttering and needed speech therapy twice a week. Driving him to appointments while trying to juggle dinner and homework was impossible. Telepractice allowed my son to meet with the therapist while I tended to my other children.”

Vivian K.

Atlanta, GA