Mid-Year Academic Assessment: Could your Student Benefit from Speech and Language Therapy?

Mid-Year Academic Assessment: Could your Student Benefit from Speech and Language Therapy?

Parents can feel like they are on a perpetual hunt for better ways to support academic achievement for their children, especially when a mid-year academic assessment shows that their child is struggling or not performing up to expectations.

Communication skills play a significant role in how well a student performs throughout their entire school journey, from the early years through the college experience. In the same way that glasses help improve a child’s abilities in school, speech and language therapy can often help in addressing academic challenges and setting goals for positive change for the second half of the school year.

Elementary (and Younger) Students

Speech and language pathologists can help to identify specific challenge areas that may be influencing a child’s academic performance or ability to learn. As these students move through their primary development years, this intervention can be particularly helpful in improving learning outcomes.

Middle School Students

In addition to academic concern, middle school and junior high-level students are often acutely focused on social interactions. Communication challenges may not just be impacting them in the classroom, but also in peer interactions. Moreover, they may be hesitant to seek out more public help at school. Great Speech offers virtual speech therapy, which can be completed from the privacy and convenience of their home at a time that works for their schedule.

High School Students

Communication skills become even more important as students enter their high school years and prepare for college. Speech therapists can help these students with known communication challenges. Studies have shown that stuttering directly contributes to adolescent social anxiety. Great Speech’s online speech therapy can also help students with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) improve their self-regulation and communication skills.

From speaking in front of groups to feeling more confident in college or post-graduation job interviews, teens can benefit from the addition of solid communication tools. Speech therapists are a great resource for improving communication skills as well as confidence as students take their first few steps into the adult world.

Regardless of their individual needs or age level, skilled speech therapists can meet students and the points where they are at. This provides a good starting point for the therapist and the student to work toward positive outcomes in a supportive environment.

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