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Is it OK to Take a Break from Speech Therapy?

Speech therapy can be an exhausting and taxing process for many individuals, especially for those who are working to overcome more severe or complex communication challenges such as dysarthria, language disorders, and apraxia of speech. If you or your child has been working with a speech therapist for an extended period, you may wonder if [...]

What is Alalia Speech Disorder?

Alalia is a technical term used by speech and language pathologists to refer to a severe speech disorder involving the inability to form words or produce speech sounds effectively. Alalia should not be confused with aphasia, which relates to challenges with understanding or expressing language as a result of brain damage or traumatic brain injury. [...]

What Famous People Have Apraxia of Speech?

While celebrities and famous people may be uniquely talented and appear to be living the dream life, it is important to remember that most of them have worked very hard and overcome significant obstacles to get to where they are.  Speech and language difficulties can affect celebrities and public figures just as they can affect [...]

Do Tongue Exercises Help Speech?

Developing speech and language skills involves many aspects of communication, including articulation, pronunciation, language processing, phonological awareness, and the production of specific speech sounds and sound combinations. In addition to controlling airflow and coordinating the parts necessary for speech production, the strength, flexibility, and movement of the tongue are essential for clear and effective speech [...]

How Quickly Does Speech Therapy Work?

If you’re considering starting speech therapy (either for yourself or a loved one) or have already begun working with a speech and language pathologist, you may have wondered, “How long will speech therapy take?” This is a common question for anyone involved in speech therapy, either as a parent, loved one, or someone who [...]

How do you Treat Articulation Errors?

In the world of speech therapy, addressing articulation errors plays a significant role in helping individuals of all ages achieve clear and effective communication. Articulation errors are difficulties with the production of speech sounds that impact the clarity and intelligibility of speech. Individuals who struggle with frequent articulation errors often struggle with confidence and navigating [...]

Language Processing Disorder

Can you Overcome Language Processing Disorder? A language processing disorder (also referred to as LPD), is a language-based learning disability and is defined as a neurological condition affecting the ability to understand, use, and process language effectively. Individuals with LPD typically are in the normal range of intelligence and hearing but may struggle with various [...]

Functional Speech Disorder

Exploring Functional Speech: Examples, Disorders, and Distinctions The term “functional speech” refers to the ability to communicate effectively, navigate daily life situations, meet basic needs, and facilitate social interactions. Functional speech encompasses the use of speech and language to convey thoughts, express emotions, ask questions, make requests, and engage in conversations. Functional speech is different [...]

Unlocking Palilalia: Understanding Symptoms, Causes, and Examples

What is Palilalia? Palilalia is a speech disorder characterized by the repetition of words or phrases, often involuntarily and delayed, with these repetitions typically occurring within the same conversation, sentence, or phrase. It is classified as a form of speech dysfluency, where repetitions disrupt the regular flow of speech. Palilalia can manifest in various forms, [...]

Fluent Speech: Strategies to Address Disfluency and Vocal Challenges

Communication is essential for human interaction and connection, yet for many, fluency in speech can be difficult to achieve. Speech fluency refers to the smoothness, rhythm, and flow of speech production. Whether struggling with occasional stutters, hesitations, or persistent vocal hurdles, navigating the challenges associated with speech dysfluency can be overwhelming and daunting.  This is [...]

Why is Repetition Important in Therapy?

Repetition may seem like a simple concept, but it holds significant significance in the world of speech therapy. From mastering new sounds to internalizing language rules, repetition plays a vital role in improving speech, language, and communication skills. In this blog, we'll explore the primary reasons why repetition is a significant part of [...]

How to Slow Down Speech

Have you ever been told that you talk too fast or been asked to slow down your fast speech? In today’s fast-paced, busy, and often chaotic society, it is more and more common for individuals of all ages to have this communication problem. While speaking quickly is not a specific speech disorder and is [...]