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YouTube Video testimonial of Great Speech online Therapy

Absolutely A+! The office staff were friendly and helpful. My husband’s therapist was professional, but also intuitive and personal in forming a relationship. We couldn’t have asked for a better match! Believe it or not, this virtual model really worked well and I feel was actually much better for us senior citizens! - N. P., San Diego, CA

The service was personalized in every way. My therapist was kind, patient, and flexible. I would recommend this model highly, because accessing the therapy was so easy.  I can hear a difference - my lisp is essentially gone! - C. F., San Jose, CA

4 stars review

The virtual model allowed everything to be tailored to our situation. The whole setup felt very personal. Everyone who worked with us was very aware of our needs. - K. M., Spokane, WA

It was so easy and I loved not having to drive anywhere! - A. T, Dallas, TX

4.5 stars review

Everyone I worked with made a strong effort to really familiarize themselves with my needs. I felt like the flexibility allowed everything to be highly customized for me. My therapist was so kind and understanding! -P. S., Buffalo, NY

The service was completely supportive and individualized. I loved the flexibility. I feel so much more confident and intentional when writing and speaking now! - M. P., Austin, TX

I would highly recommend this service. It was so easy and comfortable to do the sessions from home. I really loved the online model, and my therapist was a great match. - T. A., Miami, FL

My therapist identified and corrected things I didn’t even know were wrong, that made fixing the main issue so much easier. I always felt I was talking to a real person who genuinely cared, even in taking care of routine things like scheduling. It was so easy to do the therapy from home, and I loved the privacy. - F. G., Chicago, IL


The therapy was a wonderful experience! My daughter loved attending her sessions, and improved how she expresses herself and communicates with others. I highly recommend! - B. D., Hollywood, FL

4.5 stars review

The service was very affordable, efficient, and professional. Our therapist really kept things focused and moving forward. We have 3 kids and all need help, so this was important to us. I recommend you to everyone now! - L. B., Atlanta, GA

My teen was afraid she’d be treated like a child, but our therapist made her comfortable right from the start. And the virtual model was so convenient and flexible! - S. M., Auburn, NY

YouTube Video testimonial of Great Speech online Therapy

We went from the grandparents not being able to understand our daughter, even in person, to understanding her easily, even on the phone! Her therapist found topics and books to work with that she knew our daughter would enjoy. I would 100% recommend Great Speech’s virtual model. Not only was our speech therapist the best we’ve ever worked with, but it was so convenient! - T. S., Paterson, NJ

4.5 stars review

I have 3 kids, and I just don’t have the time in my schedule to drag them all to an office just for the rest of us to sit and wait. It’s so helpful to be able to have the sessions in your own home! - V. R., Pembroke Pines, FL

The therapist took the time to get to know AJ and his interests. AJ loved the virtual model because he said it was more fun. The therapist really worked with AJ to make sure he was engaged. - C. K., Houston, TX

Everything was completely customized for my son, and our therapist held his interest and attention. I love the flexible online scheduling -- I would absolutely go with the virtual model again, even without Covid. Gus is completely caught up to his age for speech! - J. T., Nashville, TN