Looking for Speech Therapy in Harrisburg?

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is not only the capital of the great state of Pennsylvania but it is also rated by Forbes as the second best place to raise a family in the U.S. and has hosted the world-famous Pennsylvania Farm Show since 1917. With a population of almost 50,000 people, Harrisburg is a great and lively city to call home. But many people who live in smaller cities in the United States can find it difficult to access the health care and therapeutic services that they need.

One of the most highly used supportive resources in the United States today is Speech Therapy. Studies have shown that as many as 1 in every 12 children will develop a speech, voice, or language disorder as they grow and develop. This means that access to speech therapy in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is incredibly important to support the growing population and the high number of young families who call this city home. Working with a qualified speech therapist can help anyone who is struggling with their communication skills, or simply want to improve upon their existing skills.

Why Choose Great Speech?

Great Speech offers speech therapy through our online telepractice platform. By bringing our speech therapy services online, access to this essential resource is easier and more convenient than ever. At Great Speech, we have created a network of more than 50 highly experienced and specialized therapists. Each of our therapists has achieved a Master’s Degree (or higher) in Speech-Language Pathology and must also possess a Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). Connecting each of our clients with a speech therapist who is perfectly matched to their needs and goals is an easy and simple process, thanks to our extensive network of therapists. The convenience of online speech therapy paired with our high degree of specialization means that we can provide the highest quality service possible, and help our clients reach their goals sooner.

How Does Online Speech Therapy Work?

The first step of your speech therapy journey is as simple as scheduling a free introductory call to ensure that Great Speech is the right fit for you and your needs. After that, we will set you up with your specially selected speech therapist, who will work with you to review your challenges and goals. They will then design a completely customized speech therapy program that will guide you through each step of the way.

The majority of our speech therapy programs are comprised of 12-week modules, with two 30 minutes sessions each week. At the end of each module, you and your therapist will review your

progress so far and where you are at with your goals. They will also work with you to establish the best next steps to keep you on track with your speech therapy journey.

Each speech therapy session takes place over a private ZOOM call which allows you to work in close collaboration with your therapist. Your speech and language pathologist may demonstrate and instruct a variety of exercises and techniques that will target your specific areas of difficulty. Each session will also include a variety of opportunities for you to work on and further develop your skills. Many speech therapists also will assign “homework” or items for you to work on and practice at home between your speech therapy sessions.

How Do I Get Started?

When you work with Great Speech, you can say goodbye to long wait times, poor communication, commutes, or inconvenient appointment times. We can’t wait to get you on your path to improved communication and increased confidence as soon as possible. Getting started is as simple as scheduling your free introductory call today!