Can Your Insurance Help YOU Improve Your Communication?

We are proud to work with the following insurance plans to offer virtual speech therapy:

Medicare Advantage Only

Don’t see your insurance plans listed here? That’s alright! We also accept HSA/FSA and private pay clients.

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What Makes Virtual Speech Therapy A Great Option?

Great Speech has been the leader of virtual speech therapy since 2014. Our services are easy to use, and have great results.

Virtual speech therapy is…


SAFE. Stay in the comfort of your home while reaching your speech goals.


ACCESSIBLE. No need to find a driver or deal with traffic.


CONVENIENT. Schedule sessions when YOU want them – during the day, evening, or weekends.


HIGHEST QUALITY. Our therapists are very skilled. We offer the same level of care as outpatient facilities.


PERSONALIZED. We match each client with a therapist who specializes in their needs. They keep the same therapist for their full program.


SIMPLE TO PRACTICE. We offer easy ways to practice between sessions. You can do this alone, or with a caregiver.

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Easy-to-Use Service

We know that learning new technology can feel hard at first.

That’s why we use software like Zoom that is free and easy to use.

Our sessions are very interactive. We only use technology when it’s important to our clients’ needs. We will meet you where you are at.

We have an easy log-in and a virtual practice center. We send calendar reminders and log-in links as text messages and emails.

It has never been easier to reach your speech goals!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Answers to the most common questions are here:

What is my financial responsibility?

It is different for every insurance plan. We’re happy to talk about your benefits with you in a call. We can give you the best information for your specific situation.

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How many sessions do I need?

We will customize your speech therapy program. This way, we meet your specific needs, goals, and insurance guidelines. For most clients, we recommend two 30-minute sessions per week.

Schedule a call to talk about your needs. You will learn what your customized program will look like.

What technology do I need?

All you need is a computer with internet access, a headset, and a microphone. You can download Zoom, which is a free application.

How quickly can I begin services?

Usually, we can get started about a week after your introductory call.

Have a question that isn’t listed here? You can read our detailed FAQ to find out more. Schedule a call with us to discuss your needs.

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What Makes Virtual Speech Therapy A Great Option?

Jacksonville, Florida, is affectionately known as “The Flip Side of Florida” and is a slice of the Sunshine State that is beloved by locals and visitors alike. Boasting more than 22 miles of gorgeous sandy beaches, year-round sunshine, and more magnolias than palm trees, Jacksonville is a thriving community that many Americans love to call home.

While there are many things that make Jacksonville an ideal place to put down roots, with a population of almost a million, access to essential therapeutic resources can be limited. One of the most in-demand supportive therapies in the United States today is speech therapy.

With approximately 46 million Americans facing communication challenges, the instrumental role of speech therapy becomes evident in enhancing the speech and language skills of children, teenagers, and adults alike.

If you are looking for speech therapy services in Jacksonville, virtual speech therapy sessions through Great Speech might be exactly what you are looking for.

Why Choose Great Speech?

Great Speech offers innovative virtual speech therapy services for kids, adults, and seniors via our online telepractice platform. By making our speech therapy services available online, access to this important supportive resource is simpler and more convenient than traditional in-person speech therapy.

At Great Speech, we boast a network of more than 60 experienced and knowledgeable speech and language pathologists. We mandate that our therapists hold a Master’s Degree (or higher) in Speech-Language Pathology and are also required to possess a Certificate of Clinical Competence issued by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).

We pride ourselves on our ability to match each of our clients with a speech therapist who is expertly selected to meet their specific needs to help them reach their goals. This is possible thanks to our extensive network of qualified therapists. When the convenience and accessibility of online speech therapy are paired with a high degree of specialization, Great Speech provides the highest quality service and care while helping our clients reach their goals sooner.

How Does Online Speech Therapy Work?

Embark on your speech therapy adventure by arranging a complimentary introductory call, ensuring that Great Speech Services aligns seamlessly with your unique requirements. Following the introductory call, you will be connected with your selected speech therapist, who will collaborate with you to review your speech and language challenges and goals. From there, your SLP will design a unique speech therapy program, and they will support and guide you through each step.

Most of our speech therapy programs include 12-week modules, with two 30-minute sessions every week. When you reach the end of each module, you will review your progress and where you are at with your goals along with your therapist. You will also work together to establish the ideal next steps to keep you on track as you work toward your communication goals.

All of our virtual speech therapy sessions take place over a private ZOOM call, allowing you to work in close collaboration with your therapist from the comfort of your own home. Speech therapy sessions may involve demonstrations and instruction on various exercises and techniques that will target the challenging areas. Each session typically includes a variety of opportunities to work on and further develop specific skills. Many speech therapists will also assign “homework,” which includes particular exercises or techniques to practice at home between your speech therapy sessions.

Virtual speech therapy means you are no longer limited by your geographical area, and finding qualified speech therapists in Jacksonville is as simple as connecting with us.

How Do I Get Started?

When you receive speech therapy with Great Speech, you no longer have to worry about extended wait times, poor communication, long commutes, or inconvenient appointment times. If you are looking for speech therapy in Jacksonville, look no further. We are waiting to help you on your journey to improved communication skills and increased confidence. Connect with us today by scheduling your free introductory call!

Is Virtual Speech Therapy Covered In Jacksonville?

Great Speech is proud to offer virtual speech therapy services in partnership with the following insurance providers:

Commercial and Medicare Advantage:

  • Cigna Healthcare
  • United Healthcare
  • Molina Healthcare
  • Ambetter Sunshine Health

Medicare Advantage Only:

  • Wellcare
  • AvMed
  • Humana
  • Devoted Health Plans
  • Care Plus Health Plans
  • Simply Healthcare