What is Adult Speech Therapy?

What is Adult Speech Therapy?

It is never too late to improve on speech, language, and communication skills. Possessing strong speaking skills is vitally important when it comes to succeeding in the social, academic, and professional parts of life. Some adults who struggle with their confidence and ability to communicate effectively may avoid certain words or speaking situations out of fear or shame of not being understood. This can limit their self-assurance as well as potential opportunities for personal and professional growth. Speech therapy for adults is a supportive resource that helps to improve upon these skills, as well as tackle such things as accent modification, public speaking skills, improving confidence, and setting them up for success in all aspects of everyday life.

Online speech therapy is an effective and convenient intervention model that can help improve the communication skills of adults. At Great Speech, our certified speech and language pathologists are highly trained to help you or your loved one overcome speech and language obstacles and boost confidence. Our innovative online model of speech therapy provides a proven alternative to traditional speech & language therapy for adults. Getting help to improve your communication skills has never been easier with online speech therapy. Get started by scheduling your free introductory call today! 

Why Would an Adult Need Speech Therapy?

There are many reasons that an adult might benefit from time with a speech and language pathologist. In fact, speech therapy can be a highly beneficial service even for people who aren’t struggling with their speech, language, and communication skills. Strong speaking skills are paramount when it comes to succeeding both professionally and personally. Some of the most common reasons an adult might seek out time with a speech therapist are:

Voice Therapy

The voice is produced via a complex combination of breathing, resonance in the mouth and nose, and sound production by the voice box/larynx.  A voice disorder occurs when the voice consistently sounds strained or hoarse and is tiring or challenging to produce. In the case of a voice disorder, the individual is not able to meet their daily speaking demands.  Voice disorders in adults that use their voice frequently for work are often caused by strain on the vocal mechanism. This can be caused by misuse, poor vocal technique, or simply overuse. Voice therapy can help adults to produce a clear, strong voice that is produced effortlessly and doesn’t break down with consistent use. 

Speech Therapy & Articulation

Articulation is the process of producing individual speech sounds.  It involves the specifically coordinated movements of the vocal cords, jaw, lips, and tongue.  Speech therapy will help adults correctly produce specific sounds in words (such as lisps or /r/ distortions) and also help them to improve the enunciation of sentences (for example varying pitch and volume,  increasing range of movement, and controlling the rate of speech).

Stuttering / Stammering 

Adults who stutter have difficulty producing smooth and fluid speech. This can result in them having difficulty effectively expressing their thoughts, ideas, and feelings.  Therapy for stuttering often begins with developing acceptance for stuttering behaviors. The speech therapist will also work on reducing the occurrence of these stuttering behaviors.  At Great Speech, our therapists work with adults who stutter to help them identify their own acceptance and stutter reduction goals and to design specific treatment programs to achieve these goals.

Accent Modification 

The pronunciation patterns of the first language we learn will affect the pronunciation of subsequent languages that are learned. This is known as an accent.  Accents can become problematic if they affect the ability of others to understand and interpret the information that is being shared.  Speech and language pathologists can work on accent modification by helping with the production of certain consonant, vowel, and intonation patterns that more closely match the language and dialect they are speaking.

Professional Communication Training

In the competitive workforce of today, presenting yourself professionally, whether in an interview, at a meeting or conference, or throughout a presentation, can dictate your success. By fine-tuning your verbal and written communication skills, overall confidence will increase, which in turn will allow your personal brand, qualifications, and talents to shine. Speech therapy can be helpful for anyone, even those who don’t have speech or language disorders. Get started on the path to success by scheduling your free introductory call today! 

What Causes Speech Difficulties in Adults?

Various types of speech impairments can be caused by a variety of different things. For example, a speech impairment may develop because of:


Traumatic Brain Injury

Degenerative Neurological or Motor Disorder

Injury or Illness That Affects the Vocal Cords


Depending on the underlying cause and type of speech impairment, symptoms may appear suddenly or develop gradually.

How do Adults Fix Speech Problems?

Unfortunately, many adults do not seek help if they are struggling with their communication skills. They may think that help is not available, or are simply too embarrassed to seek help. But help is always available through speech therapy, regardless of your age. Speech therapists are experts when it comes to helping people improve their communication skills and reach their goals, from young children to adults and senior citizens.

How Does Adult Speech Therapy Work?

Speech therapy for adults can help with everything from accent modification, executive function, reducing stuttering or lisps, reducing communication problems related to brain disease or damage, to helping to land a new job or succeed in the workplace. Working with a speech therapist begins with an introductory call, where they will ask questions and work to identify your specific challenges and goals. From there, we will connect you with a carefully selected therapist who is specially qualified to help with your specific needs. They will work closely with you to design a completely unique and customized treatment plan and will be with you every step of the way. Depending on what your difficulties and long-term goals are, the speech therapist will use specific techniques and exercises to help you improve your communication skills and feel confident in social, academic, and professional situations. 

It is never too late to seek support and work towards your goals, and online speech therapy can benefit adults in any number of ways. If you want to learn more about speech therapy for adults, contact us and schedule your free introductory call today!