Bennie's New Voice: Virtual Speech Therapy Benefits All Ages from Kids who Stutter to Adults with Post-Stroke Communication Challenges and Other Age-Related Concerns

Bennie's New Voice: Virtual Speech Therapy Benefits All Ages from Kids who Stutter to Adults with Post-Stroke Communication Challenges and Other Age-Related Concerns

Great Speech Partnership with Bennie Unlocks Access to Virtual Speech Therapy

Great Speech is proud to share a significant step forward in its collaboration with Bennie as part of their commitment to accessible healthcare. Bennie members gain seamless access to a range of virtual speech therapy services as a benefit of this partnership, expanding the approach to improving speech and communication across all age groups. This innovative alliance demonstrates our commitment to accessible healthcare and delivers valuable opportunities to Bennie members.

Addressing Diverse Speech Challenges with Virtual Therapy

In-person speech therapy has long been a staple of traditional healthcare approaches. However, virtual speech therapy represents a fundamental change, providing Bennie members with an array of advantages:

  • Convenient sessions from the comfort of home or anywhere with an internet connection
  • Flexible scheduling including evenings and weekends
  • By accessing Great Speech’s network of 200+ licensed speech therapists nationwide, patients are matched with the most experienced speech therapist for their specific needs – removing geographical barriers to accessing care
  • Access Great Speech’s Online Practice Portal (More Practice = Faster Results)

Whether it's developmental delays in toddlers, speech issues in adults, or age-related changes in seniors, the guidance, support and tools provided by Great Speech therapists provide individualized answers.

Tailored Solutions Across Generations

Great Speech makes sure that virtual treatment is customized to meet the unique needs of each patient, taking into account the differences in demands among age groups. While older children see sessions develop into autonomous and interesting activities, parental engagement is essential for younger children and is effortlessly incorporated into virtual therapy. Seniors gain improved communication skills, contributing significantly to managing the challenges associated with aging – overcoming feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Social Determinants of Health Addressed Through Virtual Speech Therapy

Beyond individual treatment, virtual speech therapy addresses important social variables connected to health by removing financial obstacles such as taking time off work or travel expenses, reducing travel time and utilizing technology to enhance therapist matching. There is widespread recognition of these benefits, which lead to higher member satisfaction, shorter wait times and more convenient access to care.

Accessibility Beyond Boundaries and Time

One of the most notable advantages for Bennie members is the ease of access that virtual speech therapy offers: it allows people living in remote areas to communicate with qualified professionals regardless of their location. With an average wait time of 5 days from inquiry to therapy, there is no need to be concerned about a waiting period to see a therapist. The comforts of home serve as the treatment environment, easing mobility worries and improving therapeutic accessibility.

Convenience and Flexibility at the Core

For Bennie members, the ease and adaptability of virtual speech therapy is very valuable in today's hectic work and social environments. People can arrange meetings whenever it is most convenient for them, overcoming scheduling limitations that might make traditional treatment difficult. The platform's ease of use guarantees a highly satisfying, efficient experience that enhances the effectiveness of therapy.

Bennie's Commitment to a Healthier Workplace

As a platform for employee benefits, Bennie's dedication to fostering a healthy work environment fits seamlessly with Great Speech's objectives. Through this partnership, Bennie members gain access to a high-quality benefit that addresses a fundamental aspect of healthcare.

Bennie's user-friendly software and world-class brokerage services provide a contemporary and cost-effective solution to employee benefits. Bennie members now have a streamlined, tailored online alternative to improve speech and communication skills and reach personalized goals in a shorter time period or number of sessions.

Great Speech services are easily accessible to Bennie members through Bennie's Employer Marketplace, where administrators may easily explore and pick virtual speech therapy benefits. This integration guarantees that members may easily access services that can have a substantial influence on their health and well-being.

The Decision Between Tradition and Innovation

The decision between traditional in-person therapy and virtual therapy is a personal one, hinging on individual needs and preferences. Bennie members can consult with Great Speech’s nationwide network of licensed speech therapists to determine the path that best aligns with their requirements.

The Future of Enhanced Healthcare Access

The collaboration between Great Speech and Bennie represents a significant leap forward in making speech therapy services more accessible and convenient. Bennie members now have access to this unique benefit and can take advantage of advanced technology that is reshaping the healthcare and employee benefits landscape, this partnership stands as an example of innovative solutions.

Whether you are a parent seeking support for your child, an individual dealing with speech challenges, or an employer prioritizing employee wellbeing, the Great Speech and Bennie partnership is a step towards a healthier future. We eagerly anticipate empowering Bennie members on their journey to improved speech and communication.

If a loved one or someone you know may need virtual speech therapy, schedule an introductory call today.