Speech Therapy May Help Reduce Emotional Responses to Communication Struggles During the Holidays

Speech Therapy May Help Reduce Emotional Responses to Communication Struggles During the Holidays

Effective communication skills help sustain a personal sense of well-being, but as we age, physical and psychological changes can impact those abilities. This leads to situations where adults want to engage but are unable to due to diminishing communicative abilities. According to a recent study, older adults in particular can start to feel isolated, depressed, anxious, and lonely, particularly during the holiday season, when an inability to communicate stops them from engaging in meaningful relationships.

Specific Challenges for Older Adults

Some older adults also lack family connections in which to receive communication support and engagement. Speech therapy, available virtually and nationwide by Great Speech, offers convenient, specialized support for those looking to improve their communication skills. It also provides a platform for social interaction, which can reduce the isolation that so many older adults feel, especially during the holidays. It can be particularly helpful for individuals who are isolated from a family support system due to geography or other reasons.

Isolation can be particularly challenging for individuals who have diminished communication skills, such as hearing, speaking and seeing, as well as memory issues.

Specific Challenges for School-Age Children

While many think of the holidays as a stressful time for adults, the holidays can also be a stressful time for children as they attend family gatherings and participate in annual events. Children who have communication challenges may find it difficult to engage and connect during holiday gatherings.  Selecting gifts that encourage interaction, engagement and communication with others also gives children a chance to communicate in a less stressful and more casual manner.

Speech Therapy Offers Communication Skill Support and Socialization Opportunities for All Ages

Great Speech offers several virtual therapy options that support clients of all ages.

Speech therapy is an effective means for seniors to work on their communication skills. While they may not be able to return to the communication skill level they once had, they can learn new ways to adapt and maintain the skills they do have.  This helps build confidence for seniors who may engage with family and friends during the holidays, either in person or virtually.

School-age children can also benefit from one-on-one virtual therapy with a licensed speech therapist where specific challenges can be identified. The speech therapist and child can work together, which creates a positive roadmap for growth through the busy holiday season and beyond.

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