a 5 year old child at a laptop learning at home

5-Year-Old Speech Milestones

During the early elementary school years, children’s language…
a child learning how to pronounce the shh sound

Teaching ‘Sh’ Words with Speech Therapy

As children grow and develop their speech and language skills,…
a child learning multisyllabic words

Learning Multisyllabic Words with Speech Therapy

Multisyllabic words can pose a great challenge to anyone who…
woman with Orofacial-Myofunctional-Disorder on her laptop at home

What is Orofacial Myofunctional Disorder?

Orofacial Myofunctional Disorder, or OMD, refers to abnormal,…
a man with an accent suffering voice recognition frustration

Speech Recognition Frustration and Communication Skills

With speech and voice recognition software like Apple’s Siri…
a woman with pen and paper researching lisp disorders while smiling

Types of Lisp Speech Disorders

Lisps, also referred to as Functional Speech Disorders or FMD’s,…
man doing online speech therapy for the th sound

Speech Therapy and Activities for the TH Sound

As your toddler begins forming sounds into words and phrases…
child sitting on a couch
girl doing online speech therapy for the R sound

Rip, Rug, Run: Speech Therapy Exercises for Remediation of the R Sound

Does your child have a language disorder or difficulty communicating?…
a child with a speech disorder at his desk at school

Does your child speak clearly?

Though communication begins with babbling, the actual art of…