Back To School Speech Therapy

Back To School Speech Therapy

As we find ourselves in the last few weeks of summer, the days are beginning to shorten again and the nights have become cooler. Summer often allows for a break from schedules and routines, much more free time, and relaxed days. As we begin to look ahead to the fall, many parents are thinking about how they can help support their child in the school year ahead, and how to best get back into the swing of things and school routines. 

Introducing speech therapy into your child’s schedule as they embark on new academic challenges is a great idea, and with speech therapy now available online through Great Speech, getting ready for back to school is easier and more convenient than ever! Don’t wait for life to get busy again before getting started, schedule a free introductory call for your child today! 

Here Are Our 8 Top Reasons Why We Love Back to School Speech Therapy:

Get Back Into Routine

Speech therapy is a great way to get back into a weekly routine as the new school year approaches. Because speech therapy happens at the same time each week, these appointments help to establish the flow of each week and a weekly routine, so your child knows what to expect each day.

Great Time for Goal Setting

The beginning of a new school year is an ideal time to review the progress of the past year and set new goals for the year ahead. Speech therapy is a highly goal-oriented program, and a fresh start of a new school year brings ample opportunities to progress and move forward towards reaching specific communication goals and developmental milestones. 

Meet them Where They Are

Introducing speech therapy into your child’s routine as a new school year approaches will help to kickstart the learning process and progress further in terms of speech and language skill development. Time with a speech therapist will help your child to identify which areas need more focus and attention, as well as which areas they thrive in. This can be a confidence boost for a child and is reassuring to them that they will be supported and encouraged wherever they may be with their communication skills. 

Address Common Speech Development Issues

Speech therapy is the perfect resource when it comes to addressing common issues in speech and language development in children. Speech and language pathologists are experts when it comes to identifying areas of a specific challenge, as well as identifying early warning signs of a potential speech or language disorder before they are noticed by a loved one or caregiver. Early intervention when it comes to speech therapy offers the best outcome for each child and their developing skills.

Boost your Child’s Academic and Social Skills

Speech therapy can benefit children of all ages and development, even those who are developing as they should. Time with a speech and language pathologist provides ample opportunities for children to practice and master specific skill sets, such as conversation, public speaking, information retention, memory, attention, and focus. These skills play a major role when it comes to academic and social success for all children. 

Beat the Waitlist

Enrolling your child in speech therapy before the school year begins, or within the first few weeks, means you are securing your spot with a speech therapist before these spots get filled up. As the school year progresses, it is common for more and more children to be referred to speech therapy, and as a result, securing your ideal time slot and perfectly matched therapist can become more difficult. Beat the waitlist by getting started today – click here to schedule your free introductory call now!

Don’t Let Them Fall Behind

Waiting to seek the support of a speech therapist until your child has fallen behind academically is not the ideal course of action. Setting your child up with speech therapy as part of your back-to-school routine means that they are supported and encouraged from the very first day of school onwards. This also means that your child has access to extra support and care as they work to develop their communication skills, so they won’t fall behind at school. 

Help your Child Get Ready for School

Speech therapy for children offers lots of opportunities to practice skills that are also required to succeed in a school setting. Such skills as listening, focus and attention, memory, recounting stories or details, taking turns when speaking, following directions, and answering questions are all practiced during routine speech therapy appointments. If your child is participating in speech therapy, this means that they are already familiar with and have had opportunities to practice these essential skills. 

The Convenience of Virtual Speech Therapy 

At Great Speech, we offer speech therapy through our virtual telepractice platform which means that attending speech therapy appointments is easier and more convenient than ever. Bringing speech therapy online means that therapy appointments can take place in the comfort of your home, or anywhere with a wifi connection and a quiet environment. This also means that we have eliminated such inconveniences as wasted time due to commuting, waiting rooms, and finding parking. Virtual speech therapy means that your child can participate in speech therapy without you having to leave your home, leaving more time for evening and weekend tasks and activities. Above all, incorporating technology into our speech therapy programs means that children are more engaged and interested in their appointments, and look forward to them each week. Don’t wait until the school year is already underway to get started, set your child up for academic success this year by scheduling your free introductory call today!