Can Speech Therapy Help me Professionally in the workplace?

Can Speech Therapy Help me Professionally in the workplace?

For most jobs and careers, communication is a major part of how each workday is spent and can play a major role in how work is accomplished. Whether this means talking with clients or co-workers, having meetings in person, on the phone, or online, or reading and writing emails or reports, strong speech and language skills are imperative to success. In today’s competitive workforce, how you present yourself professionally, in a wide variety of settings and situations, can make or break your “personal brand” and directly affects your interactions and relationships with co-workers, superiors, and other colleagues. These communication skills are known as “soft skills” and are ones we employ the use of every single day. By fine-tuning your verbal and written communication skills, you will find yourself with increased confidence and more opportunities to let your skills and assets shine. If you want to learn more about how speech therapy can help advance your career, contact us and schedule your free introductory call today! 

How Do Speech and Language Affect Work Life?

Possessing the ability to speak clearly and correctly is an essential skill for achieving success in most jobs and careers. Successful communication results in the generation of more ideas, increased productivity and more efficient and straightforward conflict resolution. There are many reasons an adult might struggle with the clarity or accuracy of their speech. Some of the most common types of speech or language disorders that may affect workplace success in adults are:

Stuttering – Stuttering is a speech disorder that affects speech fluency and is often referred to as dysfluency. The signs and symptoms of stuttering often include repetitions of words or parts of words and prolongations of words.

Executive Function Disorder – Executive function disorder affects both written and spoken language. Those struggling with EFD may exhibit a pattern of chronic difficulties in executing daily tasks, time management, and organization.

Stroke & Aphasia – Often a stroke can cause ‘aphasia’ which can appear as difficulty understanding others, trouble finding words or getting them out, and inability to process new or long words.

Traumatic Brain Injury – A traumatic brain injury is a brain injury caused by sudden damage or impact to the brain. This can result in slower processing, trouble concentrating, impaired memory, frequent and intense emotional outbursts, and difficulty with planning and organizing. 

Degenerative Brain Disease such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimers – These neurodegenerative disorders lead to decreased motor function over time. This can result in a very quiet or soft speaking voice, reduced facial movements, difficulty swallowing and excessive salivation, and memory deficits. 

Functional Speech Disorders such as a Lisp – Functional speech disorders are related to the motor production of speech sounds and as well as those related to the aspects of speech production related to language.

At Great Speech, our therapists are committed to providing the best support and treatment to all their clients, so that regardless of what disorder they may be managing or illness or injury they are recovering from, success in the workplace is always a possibility. 

While speech therapists are well versed in working with people who are struggling with the above disorders and many others not listed there, they are also experts at helping people improve their communication skills for academic or vocational reasons for those who don’t have a speech disorder or delay. If you want to learn more about how speech therapy can help you professionally, connect with us and schedule your free introductory call today! 

How can Speech Therapy Help Professionally?

Speech therapy for professional success and career advancement can benefit all sorts of people who may want to improve their communication skills and present themselves in a refined and professional manner. Speech therapists who specialize in this type of therapy are known as corporate speech therapists. Some of the things Professional Communication Training Can Help You with are:

Presentations and Public Speaking

Accent Modification

Modify the Pitch or Intonation of your voice to improve expression in verbal communication

Enhance your Professional Interviewing Skills

Increase Awareness and Improve Non-Verbal Communication Skills

Develop Active Listening and Interpretive Reading Skills

Work on the Fluency, Pacing, and Rhythm of Speech

Many people choose to schedule time with a speech therapist as they gear up for a job search or interview process. A speech therapist can help you by practicing potential interview questions, role-playing networking or meet and greet scenarios, and work on phone skills and etiquette. Speech therapy can be a very valuable resource for someone who is searching for a job, as presenting and marketing yourself appropriately and positively is paramount to the success of an interview or job search. 

Why Choose Great Speech?

All of the therapists at Great Speech are certified by the American Speech-Language Hearing Association. Our therapists are also trained in telepractice, which is an innovative tool that delivers exceptional, highly specific/targeted therapy in the convenience of your own home. The unique ability to provide our clients with speech therapy at home, work, or if they are on the road allows Great Speech to work with your schedule. Our team is ready to work with you anywhere in the world. Our therapists are qualified to assess and determine appropriate and functional goals that help ensure that our clients’ needs are being met and they are reaching their goals at home and work. 

Great Speech supervisors have created their own system of review and rigorous training for all of our therapists and we will randomly monitor sessions to ensure quality, professionalism, and that all proper techniques and procedures are being followed.

At Great Speech, our therapists specialize in remediating communication disorders through the use of a custom treatment plan including interactive and individualized therapeutic activities through online speech therapy for adults. Some of our clients receive therapy with more than one speech therapist, as we have many highly experienced and specialized therapists in our network. Speech therapy can be highly beneficial and valuable to anyone who wants to experience success in the workplace and communicate in their daily life with confidence and ease. 

Get started and begin your unique program to improve your communication goals and start your journey towards a successful career. Schedule your free introductory call today!

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