Gr8 Expectations for 2015

Gr8 Expectations for 2015

My 2015 New Year’s resolution is…to create a mission statement instead of a New Year’s resolution. We’ll call it the Gr8 Expectations!

As I look back over the past year, I am energized by the evolution of Great Speech. In 2013, the focus was on our website; in 2014, we tackled social media, created brand awareness online, recruited talented and passionate therapists, and made Gr8 strides in changing public perception of the effectiveness of TeleSpeech.

But most importantly, I have discovered that my passion is not just entrepreneurial but altruistic. Great Speech offers me the opportunity to fulfill the mission of bringing therapeutic services to a population who did not have access to receive care. Geographical proximity, transportation and weather are no longer obstacles. I am energized by our team of therapists who are providing services across the US and internationally to clients in Aruba, Jamaica, Slovakia, Turkey; places where speech therapy was not readily available.

So here is my 2015 mission statement:

My Gr8 Expectations are to grow my client base and increase the size and skill sets of the Great Speech Team to ensure a perfect fit each time. Even more importantly, while in continual attendance at conferences, I plan to participate as a presenter, not as a participant, so I may share my belief that speech therapy has the power to unlock possibilities, help people realize their potential and promote communication. By offering workshops to parents, teachers and other healthcare professionals, I know I will be able to increase the shelf-life of my 2015 Mission Statement.

My mission is in place. Will you join me? Your commitment would “speak volumes.”

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