Great Lessons from the Supermarket

Great Lessons from the Supermarket

Grocery shopping- a thankless job that appears on our to-do list weekly.

But what if we could take this task and turn it into an activity that benefits our children?

Suddenly, a mundane task becomes altruistic, creative and something beneficial we do for the sake of our children. So with list in hand and kids in tow, you pull up to the grocery store. Depending on the age of your children, assign them each a number of items to locate, either verbally or by having them create their own list. Bravo! You have introduced the concept of sequencing or creating an ordered list.

Ask them to estimate the cost of each item, a great math (and reality) lesson and then let them shop, either on their own or by your side. Have them read the aisle signs and let them figure out in which aisles their items are located. Then have them cross off the item on the list once it is in the basket. Teach them to group items as they unload them from the cart to the conveyer belt at checkout for easier unpacking at home, a Gr8 organizing skill. Unloading and unpacking at home reinforces that skill, with like items grouped together in the pantry and refrigerator.

Whew, sounds exhausting but look at the skills you have reinforced or introduced…sequencing, reading, estimating and organizing, all for the price of your shopping list!

Sure it is way faster for you to shop on your own. But after the first few times, as your children familiarize themselves with the supermarket, shopping can become a pleasure (and a shared task!)

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