Great Speech and American TelePhysicians Partner to Revolutionize Access to Virtual Speech Therapy

Great Speech and American TelePhysicians Partner to Revolutionize Access to Virtual Speech Therapy

Great Speech and American TelePhysicians (ATP) recently announced a synergistic partnership to create access to an affordable online option for virtual speech therapy. This collaborative relationship will enhance the skills of children, adults and seniors who need and seek better speech communication.

With Great Speech’s extensive network of 200+ licensed speech-language pathologists (SLPs) positioned nationwide and ATP’s specialty in neurology services under its NeuroX program, the joint efforts of these two industry giants promises to transform access to quality speech therapy services, bringing the benefits of virtual speech therapy to children, adults and seniors seeking better speech communication.

“The Great Speech approach to virtual care expands the robust portfolio of solutions offered by American TelePhysicians. Together, we are committed to revolutionizing the accessibility and quality of speech therapy services. By combining our respective strengths, we aim to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals and families seeking specialized care for speech and communication challenges.”

— Avivit Ben-Aharon M.S. Ed, M.A. CCC-SLP, founder and clinical director, Great Speech.

Speech therapy can also provide significant benefits to individuals with various neurological disorders that impact their ability to communicate effectively: stroke/aphasia, Parkinson’s disease, traumatic brain injury (TBI), dysarthria, Alzheimer’s, dementia, brain tumors, neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and more.

Key Initiatives

The collaborative, unified efforts of Great Speech and American TelePhysicians will manifest through several key initiatives:

1. Neurologist Assessments: American TelePhysicians is known for its network of skilled neurologists who diagnose and treat patients virtually. This partnership will enable the recommendation of speech therapy for patients requiring specialized care.

2. Value-Based Care Initiative: Great Speech’s value-based care program will identify high-risk individuals and recommend them for neurologist assessments. The NeuroX program is designed to expedite the diagnostic process, significantly reducing waiting times for patients seeking comprehensive care.

3. Virtual Doorstep Solution: The partnership aims to create a virtual doorstep solution in collaboration with health plans and payers. This solution will particularly benefit individuals with conditions such as ASD, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, and TBI, who require neurologist support along with speech therapy.

“NeuroX provides comprehensive care of various neurological and neurodegenerative disorders that can result in receptive and expressive language disorders. Great Speech brings crucial speech and language therapy for patients with aphasia and other speech problems. Our NeuroX team is passionate about comprehensive patient care, and that includes communication recovery. We are pleased to be working with Great Speech to improve our patients’ quality of life.”

— Dr. Muhammad “Umar” Farooq, chief medical officer, NeuroX, and a prominent neurologist and stroke specialist.

This partnership represents a significant stride towards making high-quality virtual speech therapy accessible to a broader audience, regardless of age or geographical location. By harnessing the power of virtual care, Great Speech and American TelePhysicians are on a mission to transform the lives of individuals and families struggling with speech and communication challenges. With this unprecedented level of support, the future of speech therapy holds promise for enhancing communication skills and fostering brighter, more connected communities.

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