In-School Speech Therapy vs. Virtual Speech Therapy

In-School Speech Therapy vs. Virtual Speech Therapy

In School vs. Virtual Speech Therapy 

For many years, children of all ages have been participating in traditional “in-person” speech therapy in private clinics and school classrooms across the country. With the advancements in technology and video communication in recent years, speech therapy through an online platform is becoming more and more popular. As we worked to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic over the past few years, virtual speech therapy has become essential when it comes to ensuring that students and clients across the country are able to receive the resources and support that they need. 

While in a general sense getting back to in-person learning and interaction is ideal, online speech therapy is now more accepted and embraced than ever. One thing is certain, the quality of the therapy that is provided through online speech therapy practices is as high as that of in-person therapy, with the added benefits of comfort and convenience. For a child who would benefit from speech therapy, receiving therapy in their home, as opposed to in a school environment, has some added benefits. Don’t wait for your child to fall behind at school. Getting started with virtual speech therapy is as simple as scheduling your free introductory call today! 

Benefits of 1:1 Virtual Speech Therapy vs. In-School Speech Therapy

Increased Specialization

When it comes to online speech therapy, children are able to connect with an experienced speech and language pathologist who is specially educated and knowledgeable in the specific area that is most relevant to their needs. At Great Speech, we have a network of more than 50 qualified speech and language pathologists, so finding the perfect match for each client is always possible.

Headphones Increase Attention

Children who wear headphones during their speech therapy sessions actually benefit from increased focus and attention. Headphones also provide higher quality sound and better auditory perception of speech sound modelling, which is often a significant element of speech therapy. 

Fewer Cancellations

When speech therapy takes place in the comfort of your home, there are so many fewer reasons to potentially cancel or miss your child’s appointment. Without the complications of things like transportation, scheduling conflicts, or childcare, consistently attending speech therapy appointments is simpler and easier and makes achieving goals easier and sometimes faster.

Reduced Stress & Pressure

One of the best benefits of online speech therapy for children is that they are able to receive therapy in a comfortable and familiar environment. Being in the comfort of their own home puts children at ease, reduces their stress levels, and means they don’t have to worry about privacy as they might in a school or clinic environment. Without the added stress and pressure of unfamiliar environments, children are able to better focus on what is happening during their appointment and reach their speech and language goals more efficiently. 

Fewer Distractions

One of the most beneficial elements of online speech therapy is the ability to eliminate major distractions. In a school or clinic environment, children may be easily distracted by sounds, interesting or novel objects, or other children as it is generally not a 1-on-1 session, which can affect their progress and the quality of their speech therapy sessions. 

Eliminate the Stigma

Some children may feel shy or embarrassed about their need to receive speech therapy. When a child receives speech therapy through their school, it is difficult to be discrete, and odds are everyone is aware that the child is receiving extra help. While there is nothing wrong or shameful about receiving speech therapy, some children would prefer to keep their needs private and virtual speech therapy offers the highest level of privacy. Don’t wait until your child begins to struggle in school to seek support. Get help for your child now by scheduling your free introductory call today! 

No Missed Class Time

When a child receives speech therapy through their school, this means that they are missing out on the instruction time that the other children in their class are benefiting from. When you bring speech therapy outside of the school environment and school day hours, your child isn’t missing out on any of their regular classroom time. 

Better Communication with Family Members and Caregivers

Because online speech therapy happens in the comfort of your home, communicating with the speech therapist and sharing and receiving feedback is simple and straightforward. There are always opportunities for you to connect with your child’s therapist to review their progress, assess how the treatment plan is going, and review together the ideal next steps; including how to practice and continue the benefits of the therapy. 

Is Online Speech Therapy as Effective as In-Person Speech Therapy?

There has been a significant amount of research conducted on how effective online speech therapy is in comparison with traditional in-person therapy. This research has shown that virtual speech therapy delivers the same amount of success and results as traditional speech therapy, with the added benefits of convenience and comfort for your child. 

Online speech therapy for kids is a forward-thinking approach to supporting children as they learn and develop. Whatever the challenges related to receiving speech therapy may be, at Great Speech we aim to make attending your child’s appointments simple, comfortable and convenient. In most cases, we can connect your child with a perfectly matched speech therapist within one week of reaching out. 

The best way to support your child and ensure they succeed this school year is to ensure that all of their needs are being met. In fact, online speech therapy is a great option for children who are on track with their speech and language milestones, not only for children who are struggling. Speech therapy helps to boost a child’s sense of self, and self-esteem, empowers them to communicate their thoughts and ideas, and encourages them to be confident and feel capable as they navigate the world. Our speech therapists are waiting to connect with you and your child – get started with Great Speech by scheduling your free introductory call today!