Join the Great Speech Team as a Virtual Speech Language Therapist

Join the Great Speech Team as a Virtual Speech Language Therapist

Did you become a speech language therapist to make a meaningful impact in the world? 

Perhaps your journey with speech therapy began when someone close to you survived a stroke, or maybe a family member lives with autism spectrum disorder, or Parkinson’s disease. By observing their challenges, you were inspired to help make life easier for them. 

You recognize that communication is everything, and through your training and practice, you’ve been able to work with and help others, just like the person who prompted your career path.

If you were led to become a speech language therapist, and you’ve found helping people communicate is your passion, it’s imperative you spend your days working with others to improve their speech — not on billing, scheduling, administrative tasks, or figuring out where and how to find new clients.

We’re here to connect you to more people that need your passion, experience, and specialized assistance. We find clients in need and provide online therapy that helps them achieve their communication goals.

We’re looking for new speech language therapists to bring their best skills to our growing virtual company. Think you may be a good fit? Read on, and if we’ve piqued your interest, please apply!

Who We Are

We pioneered online speech therapy in 2014, long before a global pandemic forced everyone to switch over to Zoom. As the leader in our space, we’re committed to flexibility, inclusivity, and adaptability in serving our clients and our therapists.

Clients from across the country find us in search of the expert care they need to speak clearly and effectively. We pair them with licensed, trained therapists who utilize their expertise to surpass speech milestones. Our clients and therapists find the virtual method of speech therapy to be convenient, easy, and fun.

Great Speech’s Founder and Clinical Director, Avivit Ben-Aharon MS Ed., MA CCC-SLP, leads our team of virtual speech therapists to change the lives of each client, one session at a time. From the initial client consultation to developing the intervention plan, our supportive team is available every step of the way. We measure our company’s success by how we engage our virtual speech therapists to feel empowered in serving our client’s speech needs.

How Our Team Works

If you’ve practiced in a traditional classroom or office previously, you may be wondering what working with a virtual speech therapy company might look like. Here are some benefits our therapy providers enjoy as members of our team: 

  • We build your caseload of clients for you. If you’re looking to create a solid, reliable career in speech therapy while working from home, we provide the resources, business, and framework for you to succeed. No need to place local ads or actively network in order to fill your schedule with clients that are looking for your much-needed services!
  • We custom-match you with your clients, based on your interests, strengths, skill-sets, and availability. Our goal is to help you fill your designated schedule with clients whose speech needs match your expertise. Our therapists appreciate the flexibility of building their own schedule and availability. We achieve success when our therapists help our clients, so we intentionally create long-term partnerships of purpose-filled work with our therapists.
  • We operate across the country, and we’ll help you expand your multi-state licensure. After you’ve used a new license with us for 60 days, we’ll reimburse you the cost of that license. We want to equip you to expand your workload as your schedule permits, and we work with clients in a variety of timezones.
  • We handle scheduling, billing, and many other routine administrative tasks. Our goal is for you to focus your energy on doing the work you love — providing therapy to clients. Let us handle the operations of running a company, while you concentrate on passion-filled service and achieving new results for clients!
  • We remind clients about upcoming scheduled sessions in order to attain outstanding attendance. We want clients to show up on time and ready. Our system works: our no-show rate is better than the industry standard. 
  • We have implemented our own interactive online portal, maintaining emails, scheduling, and practice exercises all in one place. We want your experience to be seamless and stress-free.
  • We provide your Zoom account, so you won’t need to pay extra for your own to provide virtual speech therapy.

Allow us to take on the burdens of your practice and enable you to focus on what you care about most — providing valuable training to help those in need with communicating.

Who We’re Looking For

You’re a kind, patient, and warm therapist who genuinely wants to make our clients feel loved. You’re open to establishing a serious career as an online speech therapist. We look for therapists that are: 

  • Interested in a long-term, professional commitment. We require a minimum availability of 15 hours per week.
  • Tech-savvy and comfortable working with Zoom, as well as able to guide clients through basic technical challenges as they learn to use the software. Not a techie? No worries! For significant technical issues, we offer support available 24/7.
  • Available from 2:00 – 6:30pm in your local time zone.
  • Willing and able to work with clients in all age ranges (pediatric, teens, adults, and seniors).
  • Are credentialed with CAQH and have an NPI number.
  • Able to use a computer, high-speed internet access, web camera, and quiet room.

It’s even better if you are also: 

  • Available from 2:00-6:30 Pacific and/or Mountain time.
  • Licensed in multiple states, or are willing to obtain additional licenses (especially in CA, CO, TX, WA, NV, OR, OK). As mentioned above, Great Speech will reimburse for the cost of your new license after 60 days of service in your new state. 
  • Experienced in early intervention and family training. Learning to speak clearly and effectively may involve parents, caregivers, and other family members, so your ability to communicate with others is especially helpful.

Our company does not require any background or experience with virtual speech therapy. We provide our therapists with a thorough onboarding process and hands-on training to ensure you feel comfortable and equipped to provide top-notch therapy with clients.

If our practice resonates with you, we hope to hear from you. If you meet the requirements listed above and are interested in developing a flexible, rewarding career in online speech language pathology, we can’t wait to meet you. 

Click here to apply, and if we feel you may be a good fit for our team, we’ll be in touch soon!