Best Online Speech Therapy of 2022 by VeryWell Family

Rated Best Overall Virtual Speech Therapy 2 years in a row (2021/2022) by Very Well Family

Online speech therapy is on the rise, and with good reason. Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) can deliver services via online technology that allows for more flexibility, convenience, and access to care than in-person services. The benefits are often the same. In fact, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association says the use of telepractice must be equivalent to services provided in-person.

More and more people are using online speech therapy programs. However, not all speech therapy platforms are created equal. What makes a company the best among its peers varies, but services facilitated by a speech-language pathologist, a comprehensive program, cost, and specialty areas are just a sample of the criteria we considered.


Why We Chose It:

Great Speech is our top pick for best overall due to its ability to offer accessible services to children, teens, adults, and seniors. Plus, it only takes a phone call to get started.


What We Like:

  • Serves people of all ages
  • Provides comprehensive speech therapy for a wide range of communication goals
  • Over 50 speech therapists available

Great Speech, our top pick for best overall online speech therapy, serves clients of all ages, including children, teens, adults, and seniors. They offer speech therapy for speech delays, articulation, accent modification, language disorders, impairment due to injuries and disease, stuttering, voice therapy, and more through an online forum.

In adults, speech therapists provide various services for clients living with Alzheimer’s, dementia, executive functioning deficits, Parkinson’s disease, stroke and aphasia, traumatic brain injuries, voice disorders, and more. You can also choose to work on professional communication skills to make you more competitive in the workforce.

Getting started with Great Speech is easy. You’ll begin with an introductory call to share concerns and create your therapy plan. Since they are not limited by location, qualified therapists are available worldwide, so finding the right match for your needs is simple.

Most programs consist of 12-week modules that include two 30-minute sessions per week. Sessions start at $65 for 30 minutes. Once you’re in the system, they will send a personalized invitation to a private Zoom session to work with your therapist.