The Future of Speech Therapy: Will Telepractice Play a Major Role?

The Future of Speech Therapy: Will Telepractice Play a Major Role?

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I recently gave a seminar for speech therapy graduate students at Nova Southeastern University….online.

An online class is so consistent with the telepractice model I was promoting to the students.

Ironically, I live ten minutes from the university, while the professor was in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and the students were scattered across the US. This session was a true reinforcement of the benefits of online sessions, whether for teaching a class or providing therapy. It is always a joy to share my journey from traditional speech therapy to telepractice and discuss with the students some of the challenges involved including licensing and regulations, testing and assessments and of course, changing public perception.

For most, it was their first exposure to the model of telepractice. I was amazed at their enthusiastic grasp of this emerging field. Though they are millennials….why shouldn’t they embrace it?

The questions they asked were so insightful:

  • What clients benefit from this model?
  • How do you handle behavior issues that arise during the sessions?
  • What are the best ways to keep clients engaged?

The session ended, all too quickly, with a discussion of what qualities make for a Gr8 therapist?

Whether using traditional therapy or providing speech therapy services online, the qualifications

are generally the same: professional, responsible, innovative, creative, patient and passionate to

help people improve their communication skills and lives.

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