The King’s Speech is a Common Problem

The King’s Speech is a Common Problem

It didn’t take the movie “The King’s Speech” to bring the frustration of stuttering to the forefront. What it did is give it a “royal” boost. It also reminded us of the important role a speech therapist can play in remediating this “common” speech dysfluency.

What are the signs of stuttering?

The signs and symptoms of stuttering are easily recognizable and often include repetitions of words/ parts of words as well as prolongations of words. Though no one knows the exact causes of stuttering, recent research indicates that family history, neuromuscular development, and the child’s environment, including family dynamics, all play a role in the onset of stuttering.Stress can make it worse, but it not considered a cause.

Important facts about stuttering

Here are some other related facts you may find interesting:

  • About 5% of all children go through a period of stuttering that lasts six months or more
  • It’s more of a male problem! There are three to four times as many boys who stutter as there are girls
  • There is no correlation between stuttering and intelligence

While you may be tempted to suggest, “Just spit it out,” or advise someone who stutters to “Take a deep breath before speaking,” the most helpful suggestion is to let them know it can be corrected when working with a speech therapist, also referred to as an SLP. Under the guidance of a trained professional, oral communication can be improved using behavioral interventions.

It is important to understand that stuttering can be corrected and someone with a speech issue is not limited in what they can do, as the movie showed. Did you know that ABC co-anchor John Stossel used to stutter? And look at him now.

Do you know of other famous public figures that used to stutter and have overcome it?

Watch this inspiring video by Great Speech therapist Ana Paula Mumy and see how speech therapy can change lives.

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