Top Three Reasons to Bring Online Speech Therapy into Your School

Top Three Reasons to Bring Online Speech Therapy into Your School

Kids who qualify for speech therapy are entitled to receive free services through the public school.

It’s the law. Federal Law.

The problem is our country is experiencing a shortage of speech and language therapists.

We may not feel the impact in large metropolitan areas. But in rural areas or states where there are no speech and language graduate programs, the lack of qualified speech therapists is a major obstacle.

The solution?

Online speech therapy companies like Great Speech, are helping schools fulfill the mandate in a cost efficient, effective manner.

Why bring Great Speech into your school?

Flexible: Our licensed therapists can support both small and large caseloads. It is not cost effective for a school with a minimum number of students requiring services to hire a therapist. And therapists do not find it worthwhile to work in a school with small caseloads.

With Great Speech, size does not matter. We can service both large and small caseloads.

Efficient: Our virtual speech therapy model is cost efficient and effective, saving time and money. Often we can pull five students out at one time and have them each work with their own therapist. In addition, we take the hiring burden off of the administration, a time consuming and often frustrating task by providing the right therapist for each child.

Interactive: Students respond to the innovative model while receiving quality services. All that is generally needed is a quiet space, a computer with good internet connection and an e-helper which can be a teacher, aide or volunteer to walk the student to the work area and supervise the logging in and logging out process.

And our services are not limited to traditional brick and mortar schools.

Medical needs, commuting issues, and social reasons like bullying, are just some of the reasons children are enrolling in the virtual school system.  And the schools are reaching out to online speech therapy services, like Great Speech, to fulfill the federal mandate. It’s an ideal model for students who are already proficient online learners.

We also work with social home school programs, where the children are under the home school umbrella but congregate regularly for social purposes and to share resources like online speech therapy.

Great Speech provides virtual speech therapy to schools across the country. Our students range from kindergarten students to seniors in high school and have been diagnosed with Down Syndrome, Autism, Bell’s Palsy and Cerebral Palsy. They have reading, math or language disorders. Our therapists specialize in stuttering, auditory processing, executive functioning, articulation and more.

And the feedback?

“We have used Great Speech to provide speech services for select students within our interlocal for the past three years. The company has been extremely easy to work with. They are responsive to our requests…The greatest positive has been in the services provided. We have felt like we are providing quality speech services to our students with a delivery model that works.”
– Miles Harvey, Assistant Director
Butler County Special Education

We can help your school ensure that every child who needs speech therapy gets access to a specialist with expertise in their area of need. We minimize your hassle and maximize the effectiveness of your program. Contact us today.

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