Four Great Speech Tips to Help You Succeed in Business and Real Life

Four Great Speech Tips to Help You Succeed in Business and Real Life

Common perception is speech therapy is for kids.

While many of our Great Speech clients are 12 years old and under, there is a growing trend of young and older adults who are looking to correct speech issues or learn new ways of communicating to facilitate success in the business world.

Some had speech therapy as children and were not successful. Others did not have access to the right therapist or any services due to geographical or financial constraints and are now grappling with the problems as an adult.

I currently have a client who is in the process of looking for a new job and is having difficulty being hired due to articulation issues.

The good news is: It’s never too late to remediate.

Sometimes we are not ready as children to put in the time and effort it takes to correct a speech-related issue. As adults, the added maturity can be a huge advantage.

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I recently read an article by Jon Westenberg who shared his personal saga of overcoming major speech issues and through ongoing speech therapy, determination and a strong, now speaks before large audiences.

His four tips are worth sharing:

  1. “The first thing people try and do is look for a way around those limits. A way around, instead of a way through.
  2. The way to break those limits is to learn new skills, and push yourself to try, fail and uncover data.
  3. The way to break those limits is to spend years focused on them.”
  4. If you do not break those limits, I’ve got news for you. You’re not going to make it.”

Learning new skills is scary for all of us. Even as a seasoned speech therapist, I hesitate to commit to live TV segments. I recently was asked to share insights on toys which promote language on a live TV show. “There would be no retakes and do overs,” they explained.

My first reaction was no.

Then I did it. It was an amazing feeling. And I would do it again.

It is in our best interests to go outside of our comfort zones, take risks, break the limits and reach for the moon.

Even if we fall short, we will land among the stars, with support from clinicians trained to remediate speech problems.

And while being a star may be a large and overwhelming task, it is no small accomplishment.

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