Is Telespeech Fairly Priced and Cost Effective?

Is Telespeech Fairly Priced and Cost Effective?

A mom recently posted in a Facebook group that she was looking for fair-priced speech therapy for her child.

With the proliferation of discount stores, rebates, coupons and senior discounts, we have become very savvy consumers. We want the best price without sacrificing the quality of services.

A good “quality” licensed speech therapist, whether they practice in a traditional setting or online, has completed college, graduate school as well as a Clinical Fellowship year.

And if they are really dedicated and professional, they are enrolling in continuing education courses to keep current.

It’s an expensive and time consuming process for the therapist which factors into the price of therapy.

Here are three other top considerations in determining a “fair price:”

Convenience: We often forget to factor in the cost of convenience in our purchases. Driving time to and from the speech therapist adds additional time to the actual appointment. Your time is worth money. With online speech therapy, there is no traffic, travel or waiting. The appointment is scheduled based on mutual convenience with the time allotted for a session limited to the interaction between the therapist and client.

Consistency: What is the price for consistency? Take Amazon for example. You know if you use Prime, you are guaranteed to have your package when you need it. With traditional speech therapy, there are often legitimate cancellations due to weather, traffic, illness and relocation. With telespeech, those disruptions are minimized. The result is greater progress over a shorter period of time, another cost saving benefit.

Cost-Effective: Saving time translates into saving money. But you can also save money by using your FSA or Health Savings Account (HSA) to pay for services using pretax dollars. Online speech therapy is considered a legitimate expense. If you choose to pay by credit card, the sessions can help you accrue points which convert to dollars, airline miles or gift cards, depending on the card you use.

Then there are the added perks to receiving services online. Working from a computer is engaging and interactive, even for adults. The process is super easy and very flexible with proven results. And we provide access to therapists where none may be available.

Add up the advantages, subtract the disadvantages, multiply the results and divide the costs over time.

Do the math and then ask yourself, “Can we really put a price on Gr8 communication?”

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