Looking for a Speech Therapist Near Me

Looking for a Speech Therapist Near Me

As many as 8% of American children have a communication disorder of some kind, with most of them dealing with issues related to their speech and language skills. The difficulties that children and adults may face when it comes to their communication abilities can vary widely, from problems with stuttering, speech delays, and pronunciation, as well as literacy and language comprehension problems, voice disorders, and more. 

Until quite recently, speech therapy was something that exclusively took place in a physical location, which could be limiting or make scheduling and attending appointments complicated and stressful. The good news is, the world is changing and it is becoming increasingly common for families and individuals to receive these services online. Connecting with a speech therapist through video chat means the appointments can occur from the comfort of your own home through the simple click of a button. If you are looking for a speech therapist nearby, look no further than our network of highly experienced and qualified speech and language pathologists. Contact us to schedule your free introductory call today! 

Benefits of Online Speech Therapy vs. Traditional In-Person Appointments

Convenience – Perhaps the most obvious benefit of bringing speech therapy online is the convenience of attending the appointments. Online speech therapy means eliminating wasted time in terms of traveling to the appointment, waiting room time, and limited time waiting to connect with the right therapist. Telepractice also means that the appointments can happen anywhere you have an internet connection and a quiet room. 

Affordability – In many cases, online speech therapy is more affordable than in-person appointments. There is no need to commute, which saves money on gas as well as parking and travel time. It can also result in lower copays, though that is something you must confirm with your insurance provider. 

Accessibility – Online speech therapy is more accessible because it allows people who live in rural areas or struggle with mobility issues to attend their appointments with ease. Teletherapy can also be more accessible for those who may have sensory issues or anxiety, as they may be more comfortable and relaxed in their own home. 

Fun & Exciting – Bringing speech therapy online can make for a more fun and engaging experience, especially for children. Children are naturally attracted to technology and computers, and incorporating this interest into their therapy can increase enthusiasm and participation when it comes time for their speech therapy appointments. 

More Therapists = More Specialized Care – One of the most significant benefits of online speech therapy is that our clients have access to our network of thousands of highly trained and specialized therapists. This means that connecting with a speech therapist who is the best fit for you and your needs is easier than ever.

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Does Online Speech Therapy Work?

Online speech therapy works in much the same way as traditional therapy, except of course that the appointment happens online via video chat instead of in-person. 

Research has shown online speech therapy to be as effective, and in some cases more effective, as in-person treatment. Many studies have been done on the effectiveness of online therapy versus traditional therapy and the results of these studies have shown that online speech therapy is as effective across the board. 

One of the most prevalent studies was done at Kent State University. To conduct this study, they took two groups of school-aged children. One group received traditional in-person therapy for 4 weeks, while the other group received their speech therapy online for those 4 weeks. After four weeks, the groups switched therapy modes. The result of this study showed that the students made similar progress regardless of the form of therapy they received, and there was no significant difference in the students’ test scores or evaluations. The study also revealed that both the students and parents involved in this study were very satisfied and supportive of the online speech therapy model. 


As we navigate through an ongoing global pandemic, online speech therapy is more important than ever. Staying safe from Covid 19 means staying home as much as possible and limiting close interactions with those outside our families as much as possible. Nothing is as important as the health and safety of our clients and therapists, and creating a safe space for speech therapy to occur is our top priority. Not having to stress about physical distancing, wearing masks, and washing our hands frequently, means we can focus more strongly on accomplishing the goals set out by your speech and language pathologist. 

The Great Speech Difference

The simple fact is that no one should miss out on receiving essential support and services when it comes to improving speech and language skills. Online speech therapy is not only as effective as in-person but also offers accessibility, convenience, and affordability that traditional therapy cannot provide. Great Speech caters to clients all over the US and has speech therapists online nationwide! If you want to learn more about online speech therapy and the Great Speech difference, schedule your free introductory call today!