Speaking Volumes

Speaking Volumes

With the New Year, comes new resolutions.

Of course, I have the usual list of personal ones like creating more me time and engaging in more physically-fit activities like rollerblading with my family. But equally important this year are my professional goals. While launching the Great Speech website was a 2013 milestone, spreading the word is my 2014 focus.

My primary goal is to grow the company, not just in terms of clients, but also by adding Gr8 therapists to the team, with expertise in areas like stuttering and autism as well as voice therapy for Parkinson patients. Talent is not my only criteria. Gr8 therapists need to be joyful, professional, creative and passionate about changing peoples lives.

A challenging set of criteria? Probably no bigger than the challenge of changing public perception about the effectiveness of TeleSpeech. That too is my goal and I’m ready to take it on! And while I’ve taken Great Speech into the social media arena with Facebook and LinkedIn, my 2014 addition is my blog, Speaking Volumes. It’s another Gr8 vehicle for us to provide information and initiate a meaningful dialogue! Here’s to new business, new talent, new perceptions and new conversations.

Happy 2014!

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